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President & CEO


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could feel touch of the sunlight in a daytime and receive healing power from warm lightings specially selected for yourself in a night time?

When I do interior planning, I spend much time for the lighting plan. Choice of shape, material, color and etc…. will give various effects to light source.

And lightings will be affected according to color of surrounding items and where you put them. You will be able to receive tremendous joy of comfort from how you plan lightings.

Each people have different way of feeling confidence. It may not be only lightings and designed interior but I think it will be good to excite your senses in your daily life from your surroundings.

Each of our staff is working honestly with their dreams and will. We plan together with client by talking and discussing and when we see smile on their face at the completion of project, we feel pleasure in doing this work.

Eri Sekimoto

President & CEO

Interior coordinator

Second-class architect

Company profile

Company nameSHUSHULA space studio Ltd.
ContactTel.+81-3-5355-5847 Fax.+81-3-5355-5848
President & CEOEri Sekimoto
WorkPlanning-Construction-Execution management of:Residence, Mansion, Shop.
 Custom made kitchen.
 Custom made furniture.
 Interior coordinate.
 Interior item sales.
 Garden design.

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